Wholesale fitness equipment is less expensive than the equipment that you are going to find in most stores. It is often sought after for large installations, such as health clubs, commercial gyms, or community centers, or groups looking to outfit their members for less. If your are a fitness equipment wholesaler, then contact us at 360 Fitness Solutions. We have a wide range of equipment available at low prices. Who doesn’t want to save money? Of course, saving money is not worth it if it comes at any expense to a person’s health, that is why we make sure that all of the wholesale fitness equipment that we sell here at 360 Fitness Solutions is of the absolute highest quality.

You can buy fitness equipment wholesale from 360 Fitness Solutions and get bigger discounts on a variety gym equipment packages or you can purchase a single piece. We have great relationships with all the major brands and are able to get wholesale discounts from all of the top fitness companies like Life Fitness, Precor and Much More. We are your one and only fitness equipment wholesaler. We offer wholesale fitness equipment direct from the big brands like Precor, Life Fitness, and Hammer Strength. Over the last 20 years, 360 Fitness Solutions has become one of the most renown brands in the fitness equipment industry and we pass the savings down to you. It obviously makes a lot more sense to purchase used and certified remanufactured exercise equipment from wholesale distributors as opposed to spending $10K+ for a brand new commercial piece or a lightweight residential version of your favorite Elliptical or Stairmaster.

Ordering Wholesale Gym Equipment from 360 Fitness Solutions

A fluid inventory of hundreds to thousands of commercial ellipticals, treadmills, stairmasters and strength pieces makes 360 Fitness Solutions one of the top fitness equipment wholesaler in the market. Let us know your needs and the facility and our fitness equipment experts can help assess and determine the right pieces for your membership, From 1 to 10,000, we’ve done it all and can cater to all crowds regardless of volume or fitness level! Wholesale Fitness Equipment means exactly that! We purchase entire gyms at a time and pass that savings directly to our core customers offering a variety of levels of service and warranty.

Wholesale Gym Equipment Packages

Wholesale fitness equipment packages can include specific manufacturers line like the Life Fitness Elevation Series or we can mix and match between brands. One of our most popular packages include multiple Life Fitness Elevation Series Treadmills, Precor AMT Trainers and a Stairmaster as your basic cardio pieces. A set of dumbbells, FID Bench, and a functional trainer can round out the strength side and this is perfect for a small home studio or hotel. When you purchase multiple units at the same time, you save big on shipping.

The square footage and number of projected users make all the difference in the amount of equipment you really need. Generally speaking, the more users and the larger the area, the more units are required. Several facilities will task their buying department with shopping several vendors arduously piece by piece looking for the best deal. For obvious reasons, buying in bulk will yield the best price point and assist with all things from financing to coordinating on delivery. By leveraging a wholesale fitness equipment supplier like 360 Fitness Solutions, you are helping the bottom line and quite frankly the experience on your end coordinating with one power-house team as opposed to multiple vendors tracking all of the equipment to your door.

Featured Wholesale Gym Equipment (Remanufactured)

Some of our most popular models are itemized below. The most common units that are available in quantity include:


  • Treadmills – Most fitness equipment facilities have this piece as the cornerstone and have them in multiple units. They are absolutely the most popular and one of the most tried and true models. Most consider this the staple workout model with the exception of those that are recovering from injury. If that is the case, than most will opt for an elliptical or bike.
  • Ellipticals Since the original Precor Elliptical came out in the late 1990’s, several gym users have adapted to these models as they have been an amazing alternative to the impact that can occur from long runs on a treadmill. The newer models incorporate both upper and lower body movement to stimulate the core and have a vast array of programs to keep you engaged throughout the time on the machine.
  • Upright & Recumbent Bikes – A very tried and true piece of Wholesale Fitness Equipment is either an upright or recumbent bike. Life Fitness created the Life Cycle and so many Olympic athletes to soccer moms have used one of these units to increase exercise output and burning calories with zero impact. They are somewhat limited however due to only engaging your lower body so users will often time crank up the resistance to reach the desired effect. Most gym facilities will have these more sparingly as they get less activity than their other cardio counterparts.
  • Stepmill & Stair Climbers – In terms of bang for the buck on a piece of fitness equipment, nothing quite does it like a step mill. These never-ending staircases to the heavens require both high ceilings and fitness levels. They have been noted to burn the most amount of calories in the shortest amount of time as the vertical climb does a lot for the cardiovascular system. Most gyms will look to have these in quantity and purchase wholesale, however, there do tend to be “height restrictions” so make sure to measure and account for the height of a 6’4 person on top of these to ensure you are not stuck with a lawsuit!
  • Strength Equipment – From dumbbells to circuit machines to functional trainers, 360 Fitness Solutions can cater to the needs of any facility. Our inventory on strength pieces is fluid and a lot of time has a waiting list so feel free to call us today at +1(631) 517-1737 to see what we have available and what is next to come from our own Wholesale Fitness Equipment purchases.
Wholesale Fitness Equipment for Sale

Source the Right Gym Equipment

We at 360 Fitness Solutions have been helping our customers open up their dream gym since the beginning. We provide our customers with a completely customized floor plan design which is tailored to meet all of their needs. We offer a complete turnkey solution for your new fitness facility. We’ll work with you on customizing gym packages to better suit your spacing requirements and budget.

At 360 Fitness Solutions we consider “Wholesale” to be a minimum of 4 units, where we are able to receive higher volume discounts and price savings from bulk shipping costs. With the largest selection of wholesale gym equipment for sale it’s easy to see why we’re # 1 in the fitness market. Call us today to inquire about your facilities needs and we can match our current inventory or go factory direct to your facility.  We offer Freight or LTL service as well as International Shipping.  Wholesale Gym Equipment up to 70% off.  Call 360 Fitness Solutions Today!