When you hear your used gym equipment is being “remanufactured” do you wonder what exactly is being replaced, repainted or reworked on your machine? Remanufactured, Refurbished, Pre-owned, with so many different terms out there, sometimes it’s hard to tell. Well we are here to clarify what we mean when we say that our machines are 360 Fitness Solutions Certified Remanufactured. All electronic components including cables, harnesses and wiring are tested, diagnosed and replaced as needed.


  • New heart rate grips
  • Clean and detailed all shrouds & caps with acrylic finish
  • Replace if cracked or damaged
  • New Belt Installation
  • New decals throughout machine
  • Install new deck with new shock absorption system
  • Update software in the console
  • Sand and repaint frame with 2 stage base and high gloss clear
  • New drive belt, new high speed rubber-sealed bearing installed in motor


This level of service is a cut above the rest. Our Remanufacturing process is second to none and is deemed to be one of best if not The Best remanufacturing process in the country right now. This process includes stripping the machine down to the bare frame. The frame goes through our sanding and prep department. Then it goes to our paint department to get a new coat of paint in your choice of color. We currently employ a three stage painting process which includes a base coat of primer, the primary color and a clear coat similar to what you have on your car.

Once the machine comes out of the paint department it undergoes a complete rebuild top to bottom. The machine will get all new wear components, new hardware, replaced or recoated plastics, new belts, shock absorption system, cables, plastic end caps, foot levelers and more. There is just too much to list for each machine but we hope you get the point.

This process yields a product that not only looks like new but also performs like new. The price is higher than refurbished but is also a huge savings over the cost of a new machine. There’s no reason to spend $8000 on a new treadmill when you can purchase a certified professionally remanufactured commercial gym quality treadmill for thousands of dollars less.