Used Gym Equipment

Used Gym Equipment for Sale at Up to 70% OFF the Price of New

360 Fitness Solutions is the largest distributor of pre-owned and used gym equipment in the Northeast. We stock over 1000 machines in inventory and carry all the best name brands on the market including Life Fitness, Hammer Strength, Precor, Cybex, Star Trac, Stairmaster, Nautilus, TechnoGym, Matrix Fitness, and more. We currently have two locations in the northeast – one warehouse in New York that services the entire New England region. For the best selection of used gym equipment in New York and New England give us call at 1(631) 517-1737 or send an email to info@360fitnesssolutions.com with your equipment needs

Why Buy Used Gym Equipment?

Reason # 1: HUGE SAVINGS

The truth is that although brand new commercial grade gym equipment is always the best option, not everyone has $8000 to spend on a treadmill or $4000 to spend on a single strength piece. Consider that an average larger size fitness center may have 20 treadmills, 10 ellipticals, 4 upright bikes, 4 recumbent bikes, 2 Stepmills, 2 Rowers and 25 Indoor Studio Cycles you’re looking at $200,000 worth of cardio equipment alone! Add another $100,000-$200,000 in strength equipment and it would cost the average person almost $500,000 (half a million dollars!) just for the equipment. The same exact cardio equipment, professionally remanufactured with our warranty from 360 Fitness Solutions would cost you approximately $98,000! That’s a HUGE savings of well over 50% off the cost of new.

Brand New Treadmill 

Cost: $6995

Repair Costs for First 3 Years: $0

Maintenance Costs for 3 Years: $300

Total Cost of Ownership: $7295

Trade in Value after 3 Years: $500

Remanufactured Treadmill from 360 Fitness Solutions

Cost: $2495

Repair Costs for First 3 Years: $1000

Maintenance Costs for 3 Years: $300

Total Cost of Ownership: $3795 ($3500 SAVINGS!)

Trade in Value after 3 Years: $250

This is a very simplified comparison of the cost of ownership between buying a new machine versus a certified remanufactured one but you can clearly see that there are substantial cost savings. If you want the latest and the greatest technology and have the financial means to purchase brand new, by all means, go for it. If you claim that a brand new machine gives you peace of mind and less headaches you have to ask yourself how much is that peace of mind worth? Is it worth $3500? What if you have 10 treadmills or 20 treadmills. Would saving yourself $35,000-$70,000 be worth a little extra maintenance and repairs?


Everyone has their favorite machines. Some people prefer the old school equipment from 20+ years ago, others prefer the newest designs. Some people are looking for that one-off piece they stopped making years ago such as the Icarian Standing Lateral Raise (if you know this machine you know what we’re talking about!). When you’re looking to upgrade your equipment or looking to add equipment to your facility I’m sure there are always some challenges finding the exact machine. 360 Fitness Solutions buys a LOT of used gym equipment from all over the country. We stock machines from all makes and models ranging from less than a year old to 10+ years old. Some of these models are in high demand because they simply stopped making them.


Sometimes the new models out don’t have the same look to fit your gyms style. Perhaps you have a Cybex Eagle Strength Circuit and you want to add another Cybex Eagle piece to your circuit. Cybex stopped making Eagle so you’re only option is to either buy a new model that doesn’t match what you have, or find a Cybex Eagle piece from a reputable company. 360 Fitness Solutions can color match the frame and pads to your existing equipment. We try to make the entire process as simple and painless as possible. We even stock the most popular frame and upholstery colors that many manufacturers use. If you own a franchise and want to add a single piece we can color match the equipment to your franchise specifications. This happens more often than you think – in cases where a customer that owns a Retro Fitness has yellow frame equipment and wants to add a bench or a plate loaded piece to their gym. Purchasing used gym equipment from 360 Fitness Solutions opens up endless possibilities for you. There is almost no limit to the color options and variations we can provide you that no other manufacturer can do – unless you’re willing to pay a small fortune for custom colors. Many manufacturers are shifting their production overseas to China or Taiwan – and they only come in one or two color choices so custom colors may not even be an option when buying new.

Reason # 4: MADE IN USA

Many once iconic U.S.A. manufacturers are shifting or have already shifted their entire manufacturing to China. Chinese manufactured goods are usually associated with lesser quality. Although Chinese manufacturing has significantly improved over the years, you’re not getting a USA made product. The steel is just not the same quality, the welds are not the same quality, and the hardware is of lesser quality. The lower selling price definitely reflects this slight reduction in quality but the old saying is true; “You get what you pay for.” We’re not trying to discourage people from buying Chinese made gym equipment. We are however trying to shed some light on the fact that US made gym equipment was the best equipment in the world for decades. Our International customers to this day want to buy used gym equipment that was made in the USA. Some US manufactured gym equipment from 25 years ago is still being used in some gyms today! The US Made equipment was built to last. It was built with US steel and built by hand in US manufacturing plants. Many manufacturers are still building here in the USA and we highly encourage you support them. You’re going to pay more money; but you’re also getting a high quality piece of equipment all backed by a US brand name. A large percentage of the used gym equipment that 360 Fitness Solutions sells was all made in the USA of high quality components. In fact some of the used selectorized machines, used plate loaded machines, used benches and used racks that 360 Fitness Solutions sells can last you another 10 or 20 years if properly maintained. This is a true testament to the skills of our US engineers and manufacturing personnel.

Reason # 5: SELECTION

360 Fitness Solutions sells equipment from over 20 brands of equipment. When you come to 360 Fitness Solutions to outfit your gym you can mix and match any brands together in one order. So if you want Life Fitness Treadmills with Precor Ellipticals, and Cybex Strength Equipment, no problem! If you want Precor Cardio, Hammer Strength Plate Loaded and Icarian Selectorized Circuit, no problem! You don’t have to deal with 10 different vendors. You don’t have to call 10 different reps to check the status of your order. You don’t have to deal with 10 different delivery companies. You don’t have to deal with 10 different payments. In fact 360 Fitness Solutions even sells lockers and rubber gym flooring so technically we could outfit your entire gym. All of the equipment can be color matched or painted in any custom color.