TRX-Rigs for Sale

One of the greatest advantages of suspension training equipment is that it is highly effective at training advanced athletes, but costs a fraction of price. TRX systems utilize your body weight and gravity to enhance strength, balance, and core stability. Users have the flexibility to adjust their body position to vary resistance, creating a personalized workout suitable for all fitness levels. At 360 Fitness Solutions, we offer an extensive range of TRX suspension trainers alongside performance rigs. Our performance rigs are premium functional training solutions known for their durability, self-stabilizing design, and multifunctionality, catering to diverse fitness needs. Our multi-rigs are versatile, durable and adaptable to suit your fitness goals, whether you’re a gym owner looking to enhance your clients’ workout experience or an individual seeking to create a home gym that meets all your needs. For more information about our half racks, contact us at +1(631) 560-2072 today for more details.

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