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The Octane Fitness AIRDYNE X burns more calories compared to another fan bike at the same RPM*. It generates more watt power efficiently for greater motivation and results. Contact us today at +1(516) 615-7162 for details.

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The Octane AirdyneX Bike is a classic workhorse that has delivered superior cardio workouts for decades, making it one of the most popular traditional fitness machines in history. Now, this breakthrough fan technology has been precisely refined for greater challenge and customized intensity for today’s exercisers. This ultra-durable gym mainstay withstands the toughest sweat sessions on cardio floors, in small group training, in functional training workouts and at specialty fitness studios. Building on the Airdyne’s long heritage of innovation and performance, the Octane AirdyneX Bike boasts Octane’s trademark durability, with heavy-duty construction and a moisture-repellent frame.

When it comes to performance, the AirdyneX bike beats the competition. That’s because other bikes use small fans that cannot optimize performance. The Octane AirdyneX Bike is equipped with a top-of-the-line 26-blade performance fan that helps ensure that the power generated creates valuable resistance, to get the ultimate in efficient, effective workouts.  The console features an addictive tachometer visually signals how hard exercisers are working and shows the average calorie burn per minute making it an excellent motivator for them to bury the needle! The calibration technology produces accurate and consistent results from bike to bike, making it ideal for challenges and competitions.


  • 26-blade performance fan for maximum output
  • Customizable seat adjustments to fit most users
  • Single-stage belt for instant activation
  • Smooth motion
  • HIIT training and custom programs
  • Commercial Durability Calibration technology – allows facilities to ensure bikes are set to the same power level
  • Moisture-repellent, double-coated steel body construction Biomechanically correct positioning
  • Cordless operation
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