Life Fitness Pro Ab Crunch

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The Life Fitness Pro Ab Crunch is the ideal solution for targeting your abdominal muscle group.

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The Life Fitness Pro Ab Crunch represents the pinnacle of the Life Fitness Strength Pro Series. It is part of a comprehensive line of superior upper body, lower body, and multi-use selectorized machines that consistently provide unmatched exercise variety and performance every day. Crafted for durability, this complete line is designed with the precision that has established Life Fitness as a worldwide leader in advanced strength equipment. Opt for the Pro Series for maximum results, a plethora of exercise options, and a facility that operates seamlessly, showcasing unstoppable performance that transcends all boundaries.

The Life Fitness Pro Ab Crunch features a ratchet mechanism, enabling users to finely adjust their starting position in 10-degree increments. As part of Life Fitness’s renowned Pro Abdominal Crunch series, this particular Ab Crunch model is among the most sought-after. It is included in a comprehensive set of 21 devices meticulously designed to cater to the needs of individuals across all fitness levels, enhancing their workout outcomes. These individual stations form the foundation of strength training, accommodating trainers of varying experience levels and targeting diverse fitness objectives.

The Life Fitness Pro Series sets the standard for robust strength equipment that consistently delivers exceptional results. Engineered with traditional paths of motion, the Pro Series provides crucial support for exercisers striving to reach their fitness goals. Specifically, the Life Fitness Pro Ab Crunch focuses on the core’s abdominal muscles. It features dual pivot motion that mimics the natural crunch movement. The flat back pad adjusts for proper alignment, marked with a clear axis of rotation, and handles on either side of the head enhance stabilization throughout the entire crunch motion.

In essence, a Life Fitness Pro Ab Crunch is a specialized machine designed for strength training of the abdominal muscles. Users typically situate themselves with a pad against the chest, feet braced, and engage in a crunching or curling motion to lift the loaded or selected weight, effectively targeting and strengthening the abdominal muscles.


  • Top weight plate is fitted with self-lubricating and self-cleaning bushings
  • Low-friction bushings contained in each plate eliminate metal-to-metal contact between plates and guide rods
  • 7/16″ diameter weight selector pin magnetically locks in place and is connected to stack to prevent loss
  • Shock-absorbing durable rubber bumpers under each stack reduce vibration
  • Weight stack is guarded on back to prevent inadvertent contact during use
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