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Cybex Arc Trainers

What distinguishes the Cybex Arc Trainer from traditional elliptical cross trainers is its unique Reverse Arc Motion. This innovative feature guides your legs along a biomechanically correct pathway, reducing stress on the knees while providing a comprehensive range of motion for both the knees and hips. Scientific research indicates that the Cybex Arc Trainer surpasses other cross trainers and elliptical machines in calorie-burning efficiency. Essentially a 3-in-1 fitness solution, this machine allows you to train for endurance, cardio, strength, or weight loss, offering a versatile workout experience. With a broad selection of incline and resistance ranges, it seamlessly combines stepper, elliptical, and bike movements, all without imposing impact on your joints. Scientifically proven to reduce knee stress and enhance glute and hamstring activation, the Arc Trainer offers a smoother workout experience.

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