Depending upon your business or personal circumstances 360 Fitness Solutions can quickly and easily turn your commercial gym equipment back into cash for you to invest in yourself or your business. Simply provide us basic information and e-mail info@360fitnesssolutions.com or call toll-free +1(631) 517-1737 during normal business hours. At 360 Fitness Solutions we bring value back to the customer by offering trade-ins and cash buyouts for almost any commercial grade fitness equipment. Depending on your location and ultimate equipment list we can prepare a quote that reflects discounted pricing to ensure the most smoothest fitness equipment purchase.

Where to sell my gym equipment?

360 Fitness Solutions buys gym and fitness equipment from all over the country. We have the logistical experience to buyback your entire gym or fitness center and have all the equipment carefully removed by our professional team. We have purchased hundreds of gyms over the years so we consider ourselves the leading industry equipment purchaser all over the USA. If you have a gym that is trading in equipment, closing, liquidating assets or have some extra gym equipment to sell please contact the 360 Fitness Solutions purchasing and procurement department to speak with an equipment buyback specialist.

Selling Your Fitness Equipment?

Selling your fitness equipment should be an easy process, whether you’re closing you gym or are upgrading your used gym equipment with newer models, we can accommodate your needs. We provide quick generous bids on the exercise equipment and can coordinate with the installation of your new equipment. We will fly out our experienced labor nationwide and provide insurance to perform the necessary extractions.

Please complete the form below and we respond to your email within 24Hrs with a comprehensive bid and plan to facilitate the sale of your fitness equipment. Please note that we only make offers on commercial fitness equipment only, no home models, please. 360 Fitness Solutions only purchases commercial grade gym equipment.  This includes equipment from commercially rated brands such as the ones below.

Turn Your Gym Equipment Into Cash!


    360 Fitness Solutions can maximize your discounts by trading your old equipment in to purchase new or remanufactured products. Simply contact us via e-mail at info@360fitnesssolutions or call toll-free at 1(631) 517-1737 during normal business hours. At 360 Fitness Solutions we can trade in your old equipment towards the purchase of something newer and better. We have been supplying the fitness industry with high quality fitness equipment for over 15 years.  We are the industry leader when it comes to high end professionally remanufactured and refurbished gym equipment. You can trade in some or your entire gym – it’s up to you!  Just give us a call or send us an email to speak with a sales professional that will be able to assist you in your purchase and gym equipment trade-in.

    How do I get paid for my gym equipment buyback?

    360 Fitness Solutions has a stellar reputation in the industry. It’s because we not only care about our customers, but we care about our vendors as well!  If you are selling used gym equipment to 360 Fitness Solutions – you will be treated with the utmost respect as a 360 Fitness Solutions vendor.  Once we agree on a sale price for your used gym equipment, we will make payment arrangements with you ahead of time.  Whether you get paid by check, bank wire, PayPal, cash – it’s up to you to decide what works in your best interest! We always pay and we pay on time. That’s what makes 360 Fitness Solutions an industry leader in the used gym equipment market. 

    Get paid easily with no hassle

    Don’t let a potential opportunity to sell used exercise equipment slip away. 360 Fitness Solutions is interested to learn about your current inventory, whether it’s an entire floor of exercise bikes or a single weight bench. To find out more information on how we can help, or to speak with a specialist to sell any type of used commercial equipment, please call us at 1(631) 517-1737 You can also send a message to our customer service team.