Matrix is among the world’s premier and fastest-growing commercial gym equipment brands. While their rise has been quick, it has not been accidental. Matrix believes in and helps to stimulate innovative thinking, applauds fresh ideas, and values creative problem solving. As a result, they have reestablished the design standard for which others now strive, and breathed new life into an industry where customers were offered the same tired products, year after year, by meeting customer needs like no one else can. The high-quality, ultra-durable products from Matrix are just as strong as their commitment. This quality, care and innovate thinking is what gives Matrix a solid foundation for success, today and in the future. This has made them one of the world’s fastest-growing commercial fitness brands in the industry.


The strength and cardio training experience that Matrix offers has been built around the needs and interests of the users. For all these people, Matrix offers a wide range of fitness equipment. For strength there are single stations, cable stations, plate loaded machines, benches, racks and the cardio range has treadmills, crosstrainers , bikes, ascent trainers, stair climbers and more. It’s more than a tagline. It’s our holistic promise to you that these three qualities will shine through every product that hits your floor and define our ongoing partnership.


Matrix provides high-quality, ultra-durable products are just as strong as our commitment to be your partner, not just your supplier. This strength gives us a solid foundation for success, today and in the future, and has made us one of the world’s fastest-growing commercial fitness brands.


Matrix listens to the needs and wants of the exerciser and create products with a purpose in mind in order to address your needs and resolve them in ingenious ways. Forward-thinking options redefine the exercise experience, for both you and your members.


Matrix products attract beginners and fitness enthusiasts alike. Every piece of equipment is approachable, unintimidating and a pleasure to use. Matrix continues to set new industry standards through award-winning aesthetic distinction and incredible attention to detail.


Graceful lines. Easy operation. Matrix specialists have developed simulators that accurately reproduce natural body movements. What was the result? Equipment that is more convenient and efficient. And since we understand the interests of gym owners and their visitors, the Matrix equipment looks as impressive as possible and takes up minimal space.

Strength training options are essential when it comes to bringing enthusiasts to your fitness facility, and our industry-leading designs will keep them coming back again and again. It’s Matrix’s promise to you that every product from every series will offer fluid movement, ergonomically sound comfort and the durability to stand up to the most rigorous exercise environments. And every series boasts a beautiful industrial design all its own, so you’ll love the way our machines look on your floor.


Superior styling made the Aura Series an instant classic. Signature features made it one of the most-imitated product lines in the industry. Choose the Aura Series, and you’ll discover that beginners and fitness enthusiasts alike will be drawn to something that the competition can’t imitate an unmistakable aura of greatness.


Powerful yet comfortable. Advanced functionality with intuitive operation. The industry’s most durable components wrapped in breathtaking industrial design. The Ultra Series goes beyond your expectations of strength training equipment to earn and retain members like nothing else.


Bring your vision of fitness to life our most versatile series gives you the options to build a strength training area that fits your space and the needs of your members in a beautifully precise way. The Versa Series incorporates advanced bio-mechanics for a natural, smooth, efficient workout experience.


Superior industrial design, with a contemporary look, has been Matrix’s trademark since the beginning. Matrix pioneered the use of oversized tubular construction in strength equipment. We set the design standard for which others now strive. Changing industry standards didn’t end with aesthetic distinction of the strength products. It carried over into technological innovation in a new series of industry firsts, starting with the Ascent Trainer, T7xe Treadmill, G7 Series Strength and Krankcycle.

Matrix is among the world’s premier commercial fitness brands an honor we take seriously. In the last 3 years alone, we’ve brought more innovative and unique concepts to the industry than any other brand. We’re able to do this by combining a talented development team with exclusive partner relationships from within our industry and beyond partners that excel in their fields and, together with Matrix, are helping to reshape the fitness industry.


Born from a long tradition of premium performance, there’s no better choice for professional athletes than the unrivaled performance and durability of the Magnum Series. Advanced options like Breaker Benches and MEGA Racks help athletes reach their potential, and the impeccable designs stand up to the most demanding environments.


The G1 Series provides an ideal blend of value and variety for cost-conscious facilities. It offers a range of durable options with a classic look. From space-saving multi-station units to ever-popular benches, this series will meet your members’ needs for years to come.


For a blend of performance and value perfect for heavy-use facilities, look no further than the Varsity Series. It offers the dynamic performance and superior ergonomics that the fitness world has come to expect from Matrix, plus the uncompromising durability you need to accommodate a steady stream of users.

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