A wide range of Life Fitness and Hammer Strength commercial weight lifting equipment is designed to be perfect for every facility, and fit the needs of any exerciser, regardless of age, ability or fitness level. Life Fitness strives to bring a personal touch to the experience of every exerciser, relate to operators in our industry in a personal way, and cultivate a culture that believes in mutual respect and the overwhelming returns of sharing. Life Fitness has driven fitness forward with a passionate focus on ergonomic motion, proven science, and superior engineering. They constantly study and anticipate the needs of the people and organizations we serve, and continually redefine the levels of innovation, quality, and service necessary to deliver the very best fitness experiences all with the goal of improving the ways people improve themselves. Life Fitness gym equipment is the number one commercial fitness equipment chosen by health clubs, hotels and spas, universities, and individuals all over the world.


Life Fitness innovation begins with product design and conception and doesn’t end until our fitness equipment ships out of the warehouse. It’s essential to creating the best fitness equipment in the industry. Great design eloquently solves a problem with intelligence and simplicity. We mesh design with engineering and make sure they work together according to what users want or need. Life Fitness really developed the research category in fitness. The process of movement, exertion and feedback helps create products that are comfortable and effective.


A wide breadth of Life Fitness cardio equipment gives a facility the freedom to choose fitness equipment that fits its needs. It also provides any exerciser regardless of age, ability or fitness level with the choice to find a cardio workout that works best for them. They all start with the same frame ensuring our highest commercial quality.


Life Fitness treadmills for commercial gyms have a reputation for reliability and comfort. The FlexDeck Shock Absorption System, reduces stress and provides an effective cardio workout suited for exercisers of all fitness levels. Life Fitness treadmills are fixtures in clubs and athletic facilities around the world. From commercial health clubs to boutique personal training studios and elite athletic training facilities, fitness managers depend on our treadmills to help exercisers reach their health goals.


A premium commercial elliptical cross-trainer that combines expert bio-mechanics, a natural feeling motion and quiet operation. An engaging digital experience enhances the exerciser experience. The FlexStrider elliptical trainer lets exercisers change stride length on the fly and choose the workout that’s right for them. It features an incredibly smooth motion that feels more like running or jogging than any similar product.


Our upright and recumbent bikes are designed to allow exercisers to enjoy efficient, smooth pedaling with bio-mechanically correct positioning for the legs, which limits stress on the knees and joints to provide a comfortable ride. They will also appreciate the simple, one-handed seat adjustment and the accessibility of the console and accessories holder, allowing them to maintain form and stay focused on their workout. Both styles of bike allow for convenient access to the belt-drive system with an easily removable shroud that comes off with the cranks and pedals still in place. A two-stage system enables a very low start resistance and smooth, consistent changes of resistance levels.


Our ergonomically-designed climber encourages proper posture and technique to keep motion fluid and comfortable. Reach new cardio heights with slow and steady ascents or quick HIIT workouts on a Life Fitness climber. Whether your exercisers are just beginning or seasoned veterans, they will find our climbers both challenging and rewarding.

Life Fitness Cardio Equipment


Life Fitness strength machines are designed with a focus on both durability and sound biomechanics to ensure that they provide reliable performance for facilities and effective results for exercisers who are new to strength equipment as well as workout veterans. Forward-thinking options redefine the exercise experience, for both you and your members.


The optimal interaction between exerciser and machine. Premium selectorized strength equipment that combines striking visual appeal with subtle design elements that result in a natural feel and an extremely memorable experience. Insignia Series is a new standard in selectorized strength equipment.


Premium options for exercisers looking to expand their strength training and conditioning beyond selectorized machines. The Signature Series includes plate-loaded machines, benches and racks, and versatile Cable Motion strength machines. Each unit combines outstanding performance with a striking design aesthetic.


A versatile line of strength equipment that includes selectorized units, benches and racks, and a dual adjustable pulley. All 21 pieces in the Optima Series have a clean, inviting look and are designed to offer effective weight training solutions in any size of space.


Versatile, effective and compact weight training equipment. Fit Series multi-use strength training solutions are an ideal fitness option when space is at a premium.


No set-up adjustments and intuitive push-button controls make Circuit Series an inviting introduction to strength training. Incremental resistance adjustments allow exercisers to easily measure their progress. 11 different units are ideal for both individual workouts and community-building small group training.

Life Fitness Strength Equipment


Life Fitness products attract beginners and fitness enthusiasts alike. Every piece of equipment is approachable, unintimidating and a pleasure to use. Life FItness continues to set new industry standards through award-winning aesthetic distinction and incredible attention to detail.


Graceful lines. Easy operation. Life Fitness specialists have developed simulators that accurately reproduce natural body movements. What was the result? Equipment that is more convenient and efficient. And since we understand the interests of gym owners and their visitors, the Life Fitness gym equipment looks as impressive as possible and takes up minimal space.

Strength training options are essential when it comes to bringing enthusiasts to your fitness facility, and our industry-leading designs will keep them coming back again and again. It’s Life Fitness’s promise to you that every product from every series will offer fluid movement, ergonomically sound comfort and the durability to stand up to the most rigorous exercise environments.

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