Home gyms are part of everyday life for many people, and a good home gym has quality equipment for daily use. It’s expensive to maintain and replace this equipment, but 360 Fitness Solutions can cut those costs! For over twenty years, 360 Fitness Solutions has provided established gyms and home gym with refurbished top-tier fitness machines. At our remanufacturing facility, we take in used equipment and restore it to working order. We work with gyms to design quality and affordable equipment package to meet their needs. Whether you’re looking for a full range of Life Fitness equipment, or Hammer Strength weight training machines, 360 Fitness Solutions provides the high quality gym equipment your home gym needs! Our high-quality indoor home strength equipment includes kettlebells, dumbbells, weight benches, barbells and weight plates, traditional home gyms, and the latest in functional strength training equipment. There is something for everyone in our home strength equipment selection whether you just started your fitness journey or not. 

There are a variety of home gyms and gym equipment to choose from to help you begin a regular routine. Many people are intimidated by remote gyms because of overcrowding, the equipment may be complicated, they have to leave their house, and other reasons. Home gyms offer an easy and convenient alternative to gym memberships. Of course, the equipment doesn’t use itself – it requires commitment – but home gyms make it so much easier to be on your way to a healthier lifestyle. Whether you are planning to build a complete home gym, or simply need a single piece of equipment, we carry an extensive selection of home strength equipment. From pull up bars, barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells and weighted vests all the way to the best home gyms, power racks, benches, sleds, and strength equipment on the market, we’ve got everything you need for your home fitness room, garage gym, weight room, or crossfit strength and training space. We offer a complete and custom fitness solutions to a wide range of clients all over the world. Some of the commercial fitness markets we specialize in include health clubs, hotels, schools, medical facilities, corporations, government programs, property management and sports teams. 360 Fitness Solutions has provided its’s customers with quality cardio machines for their home gyms. At 360 Fitness Solutions, we take in used strength equipment and restore it to like new, working order. We work with our customers to design quality and affordable strength gym equipment packages to meet their needs and budget.