Nautilus Nitro Strength Circuit


Nautilus Nitro

The Nautilus Nitro is a collection of machines that combine striking appearance, excellent performance, genuine comfort, and accessibility without sacrificing the goal of functionality.

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There is a unit here for each and every muscle in the body and then some. This is the perfect circuit that provides a secure foundation of any commercial gym. It’s a perfect balance. The machines are built like tanks and extremely smooth (Kevlar belt driven), but they aren’t big and intimidating. They are also beautiful. These Nautilus machines have it all.


  • Nautilus Nitro Abdominal x 1
  • Nautilus Nitro Incline press x 1
  • Nautilus Nitro Fly Rear Delt x 1
  • Nautilus Nitro Compound Row x 1
  • Nautilus Nitro Lat Pulldown x 1
  • Nautilus Nitro Pullover x 1
  • Nautilus Nitro Overhead Press x 1
  • Nautilus Nitro Lat Raise x 1
  • Nautilus Nitro Tricep Extension x 1
  • Nautilus Nitro Bicep Curl x 1
  • Nautilus Nitro Leg Extension x 1
  • Nautilus Nitro Leg Curl Prone x 1
  • Nautilus Nitro Leg Press x 1
  • Nautilus Nitro Back Extension x 1
  • Nautilus 2st 4 Way Neck x 1
  • Nautilus 2st Abdominal x 1

Nautilus invented the entire modern strength training category 50 years ago, and have been reinventing it ever since. They never innovate for the sake of fads, bells or whistles but to provide a fitness experience that naturally fits human movements. They wouldn’t settle for anything less.

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