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Life Fitness & Cybex Gym Package


Now’s the perfect moment if you’re planning to launch your gym on a tight budget. We’ve got an excellent gym package, in superb condition, all set to be shipped! This package includes commercial fitness equipment from the industry’s leading brands. Call us at +1(631) 560-2072 for more info!

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If you’re aiming to launch your gym while keeping costs low, now’s the opportune moment. We’ve got a fantastic gym package for sale in pristine condition, ready to be shipped! This package comprises top-of-the-line commercial fitness equipment sourced from leading brands in the fitness industry. Providing total workout solutions to your clients requires partnering with the experts. At 360 Fitness Solutions, we realize that space equals money. Our pre-designed gym packages such as our Life Fitness & Cybex Gym Package, have been created by our 360 Fitness Solutions certified specialists and the carefully selected strength and cardio equipment will serve a wide variety of clientele.

The Life Fitness Integrity series fitness machines are ideal for establishments seeking to offer a diverse range of high-quality cardio equipment to their clientele. Engineered with robust components synonymous with Life Fitness, these Integrity machines boast the latest aesthetic and entertainment enhancements, promising an even more engaging user experience.

Cybex VR series selectorized strength machines prioritize both durability and biomechanical soundness, ensuring dependable performance and effective outcomes. This exclusive Cybex Series gym package caters to hotels, resorts, fitness centers, corporations, and commercial gyms, boasting equipment that’s exceptionally robust and user-friendly. Rest assured, all items are fully operational unless specified otherwise. So hurry now and pick up your own Life Fitness & Cybex Gym Package today. This package will not last!



  • Life Fitness Integrity Treadmill x 4
  • Life Fitness Integrity Elliptical x 3
  • Life Fitness Recumbent Bike x 2
  • Life Fitness Upright Bike x 2
  • Stairmaster SM916 x 1
  • Concept2 Model D PM3 x 1


  • Cybex VR Row x 1
  • Cybex VR Shoulder x 1
  • Cybex VR Abdominal x 1
  • Cybex VR Leg Extension x 1
  • Cybex VR Leg Curl Seated x 1
  • Cybex VR Bicep x 1
  • Cybex VR Tricep Extension x 1
  • Cybex VR Leg Press x 1
  • Cybex VR Chest Press x 1
  • Cybex VR3 Back Extension x 1
  • Cybex Assistant Chin Dip x 1


  • Cybex 360 Functional Trainer x 1


  • Cybex Smith Machine x 1
  • Commercial 0-90 Adjustable Bench x 3
  • Cybex Preacher Bench x 1
  • Cybex Upright Bench x 2
  • Cybex Hyper Extension x 1


  • Commercial Dumbbells 10-50Lbs W Rack  x 1
  • Commercial Olympic Plates. 500Lbs 
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