Commercial Fitness gyms are part of everyday life for many people, and a good gym has top of the line equipment for guests to use. It’s expensive to maintain and replace this equipment, but Strength training equipment is important for everybody, so a well-equipped gym will provide multiple options for gear and machines that provide the best training experience. Commercial strength equipment that you find in gyms, health clubs, and fitness centers offer high durability and reliability compared to most light-commercial or home gym equipment. Strength equipment in gyms have enormous wear and tear day-in and day-out, so reliability and durability is key to make sure that your members are not greeted with “out of order” signs.

Whether you are planning to build a complete commercial gym, or simply need a single piece of equipment, we carry an extensive selection of treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes, rowers, and strength equipment. For over 20 years of worldwide success of our new and used gym equipment for sale. Experience technicians in certified, pre-owned, custom-built refurbished ones. Outstanding reputation known because of our high quality work and customer service. Contact us and let’s discuss your needs today! Commercial strength training equipment is not limited to those who do their workouts in the club. 

We’re your go-to solution for professional grade fitness equipment for commercial gyms, fitness centers, health clubs, schools, colleges, corporate offices, physical therapy clinics, hotels, resorts, and various government facilities. They know that the only way to get those results from a strength training program is to include the workouts that are designed for real professional and combine them with the commercial quality strength training equipment that will delivery accurate results repeatedly.

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