About Us

At 360 Fitness Solutions, we supply premium quality commercial-grade use gym & fitness equipment.

We are based out of Deer Park, New York which is on Long Island. 360 Fitness Solutions has an extensive selection of used commercial treadmills, used commercial ellipticals, exercise bikes, spin bikes & group cycles, as well as a vast selection of commercial gym quality strength equipment. However, it also stands out from the crowd because of the quality and the craftsmanship that we put into every single piece of refurbished, reconditioned, and remanufactured commercial fitness equipment. We can also handle any job no matter how big or small.

However, we buy smart and purchase equipment that is in demand. You purchase products that are in better than average condition so that you the consumer can take advantage of our lower price and at the same time get a better quality product. That’s why our inventory changes weekly because we only buy the best and sell you the best pieces from any given batch of products. Our business model is simple, offer customers the best possible products at the best possible price. We all know very well that a treadmill is a treadmill is a treadmill, and most used equipment dealers advertise the same types of products, so why purchase from us versus our competition? Well the simple answer is that we can probably offer you a better deal for your money. We keep our business agile, efficient and adaptable to the demands of the marketplace. We don’t just buy tons of products to store and look at in a huge warehouse like many of our competitors do. They show off how many products they have in a warehouse, but they don’t tell you that 20% of their inventory does 80% of their business and most of it just sits there for months on end unsold.

John Gutierrez –  CEO of 360 Fitness Solutions

Our Services

Are you upgrading equipment in your facility? Although, looking to open a brand new gym? Or just buying a piece or two for your home or home gym? No problem! The professionals and industry experts at 360 Fitness Solutions will speak with you about and even more importantly, listen, to your specific equipment needs.


Save huge on bulk gym equipment.


Installation of a gym in your home or business.


Disassembly of equipment to move through to your location.


Best remanufacturing process in the country right now.


Build your home or garage gym with greater utility for the cost.


We provide commercial gym equipment your gym needs.


Well, that is what we’re here for, after all, to provide you with the highest quality remanufactured and certified pre-owned commercial fitness equipment and customer service. From your first phone call, to receiving your equipment and even afterward to follow up, you can be sure that we will be responsive and accommodating to every situation, we even offer financing and options for customization. With 360 Fitness Solutions you are not just buying a piece of equipment, you are investing in peace of mind– just ask our customers. Call or click to get started now.




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